Blue screen Fatal System Error

thankfully its not my new linux pc that says this, its my parents pc.

last night the power went on and off really quickly a couple of times, almost instantly, my pc seemed to start up fine but the windows pc downstairs doesn’t work.

it goes to boot screen and bios, but i cant load in safe, load in last configured working order, or system recover, when i tried to system recover it went to a blue screen and said:

STOP: c000021a fatal system error
the windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status c???(went off the screen) the system has been shut down.

1st question is it broken?
2nd can i use the ubuntu 10.10 to browse the hardrive and recover files onto a usb disk?
3rd do you think the sudden cut outs could of effected the pc?
4th isit just the OS broken or the hardrive? (in the bios screen everything was still registered)

  1. heh… Windows is broken… or more likely, the file system.

  2. More than likely.

  3. Definitely… if this is a regular occurrence, you might want to look at getting a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply… not the delivery people :wink: ), or at the very least some kind of surge protection.

  4. Probably just the OS/filesystem … try booting to the installation CD and running chkdsk C: /P from the recovery console.

we dont have a windows boot cd, they never made one when they bought the pc 100 years ago :smiley: so thats why iw anted to try the ubuntu cd, unless thats what you meant.

its not regular, we rand western power and they said they had a fault and switched grids. they are gonna try claim some money but if i can save things and build them a new computer its win win. i will try the ubuntu cd in abit.

we do have abelkin surgemaster, sounds cool not sure if its the right sort of extension plug socket thingy your on about.

Has it got a floppy drive ?

nah no floppy disk drive, its ok though the ubuntu cd lets me look into the hardrive so i can copy stuff to usb and then let them decide what they wana do, trying to convince them to dual boot but they are abit stubburn.

Heh… made me think of this.