Brand Newbie

Hi All,

Just installed Deepin on my old vaio laptop getting rid of win7. Very first foray into the world of linux, hope to learn lots, just registering with a few forums and playing around with it at the moment, very impressed by the whole layout and simplicity of it and weirdly my comp feels “Cleaner” Any hints, tips would be appreciated,

Peace 8)

Hi DeepinLove, and welcome to the forum…

Can’t think of any “hints” other than possibly to make sure your system is fully updated … but if/when you have any questions, there’s a small core community of friendly people here that will be happy to try assist :slight_smile:

Welcome to the “cleaner” world of Linux :wink:

hi thanks, fully updated just figuring out which apps i need and how to install next. Any pointers to a begginers guide to linux code?


First port of call to discover available software and install it is via the Deepin Software Center … should be in your menu’s somewhere.

What do you mean by “linux code” ? … do you mean “using the Linux command line” ? … or actual “coding” ?

I gather Deepin is based on Ubuntu … so most Ubuntu documentation and help should be pretty transferable to Deepin

Which version of Deepin are you running ? … 2014.1 ?

and which architecture … 32bit or 64bit

Deepin was designed for Chinese-speaking users primarily, with the full English port being an afterthought (according to the Distrowatch review I read).

Are you a Chinese-speaker? If not, what prompted you to go for Deepin (a bit “off the beaten track”)?