Brave browser [solved]

Evenin’ all,

I’m thinking of installing Brave. Anyone tried it/got an opinion please?

It sounds good, but I’m wondering whether it’s one of those ‘too good to be true’ situations.



I’m personally not a fan of their business model, to me it feels like an attempt to out Google Google and corner the advertising world.

It’ll also fail,8289.msg84875.html#msg84875

Personally I’m a fan of Firefox and DuckDuckGo, I’d rather use a browser and search engine from companies with proven track records of user privacy.

Besides which Brave is a Chromium clone, so is using Google technology to out Google Google … do you think Google will allow this to work (or do you think Google will block or hijack it) ?

Yes. As I said, I wondered whether it was too good to be true.

Good points Mark, thank you. I also use FF and DDG. I’ll stick with them. I hate google anyway…

Marking this solved now.