Broken sudo... sudo fix!

As some of you may be aware there was a bug with the sudo command which created a security risk. It was a single-line bug which meant that when sudo authenticates a user with the network mask and the IPv4 address fails it will try the IPv6 address. With nothing to match it too the user was granted sudo rights.

Luckily this bug has now been fixed!

You can read the article here.

Source: ZDNet

Luckily this bug has now been fixed!
Looking at the code snippet in question, you can easily see how the mistake was made. Trivial to correct. Surprised it was not spotted before.

But the beauty of the open source is that it is there for all to see and guaranteed mistakes will be found sooner than later.
Fat chance of that happening in the closed source world.

You are right, it does look fairly obvious. It’s always the little things you miss when debugging though. Especially after 18 straight hours and 20 cans of relentless!

I can’t imagine this happening in the closed source world either. They won’t tell anyone and it will remain a problem until it is fixed. In the mean time people have also found the fault and exploited it while the end user is unaware of any issues.

At least by the Linux community knowing about the problem people can take the neccesary precautions.