Bug in Chromium

Can anyone please help with the following problem ?
Is there a work around ?

No response when clicking to get a drop down menu on various websites.

System : Jessie
Chromium : 57.0.2987.98 amd64

Can you give us an example site ?

Have you tried…

a) clearing your browser chache and restarting Chromium ?
b) renaming your Chromium profile directory so a new one gets created … be aware this will effectively set Chromium back to defaults so you’ll loose save passwords/bookmarks/etc.
(but as long as you RENAME it rather than delete it, you can always undo this)

Many thanks for your suggestions, Mark.

I am a bit mystified, though, as to why you think these suggestions might help.

So I would be very grateful if you could explain a bit about the reasoning behind your suggestions.


Well as far as I know nobody else is experiencing the same thing, and I’m assuming you haven’t experienced it since you installed.

So that would suggest a corrupt profile.

a) as i said it’s easy enough to test my theory, and can easily be reversed.
b) what makes you think it ISN’T a profile issue, and why are you against testing the theory ?

at the very least it should be the first thing to rule out.

A similar problem with Chromium has been reported before :-


although the above bug was found in chromium-browser/56.0.2924.76-4 amd64 in a Debian 9.0 system,
whereas I am reporting a problem in chromium 57.0.2987.98 amd64 in a Debian 8.0 (Jessie) system.

The problem I am having has been present since Chromium was installed as part of the installation of Jessie.

I have reported my problem to bugs.debian.org as a follow up to bug 856573, but have not heard back.

Gonna be hard to troubleshoot this if you’re not willing to try things :wink: