cache on Linux


I would like that my brower has no cronology.
where can I set it up?

How to delete the internet cache ?

Thanks a lot.


What browser are you using ?

Firefox su Ubuntu 12.04

Today has been my first day on Linux… I am converted to Linux now.

I need to study and learn more about it !

Thanks Graham


Today has been my first day on Linux.... I am converted to Linux now.

Glad to hear it Blinky, welcome aboard, I hope it works out for you, there is a learning curve with Linux but really it isn’t too steep if I can use it anyone can, and remember if you need any help on the way there’s a few smart people here (not including myself) who are only too willing to help.

I can’t help you much with you internet cache query I don’t use Firefox but here’s a link that should help

Good luck


Hello Graeme,

thanks a lot.

I will try to learn more… you are right is not difficult.

Tomorrow I will have a look to the link you gave… now it time to go to bed!

it is a fantastic community… Hope in the future to give someone my help.

… now it is too early!


There are a ton of firefox addons to manage the cache and clear cookies etc :wink:

But n I’m pretty sure you can tell Firefox to clear the cache as it closes without an addon

Yep, in Firefox go to

Edit > Preferences > Privacy

and set

Firefox will: use custom settings for history

Some extra options will become available, and you can tell it to clear the cache as you close Firefox … amongst other things :slight_smile:

Put a tick in “Clear history when Firefox closes” … then click the “Settings” button to choose what you want to clear on shutdown … including history, cache, cookies, etc.

You can also use Bleach bit and tick the boxes that apply to Firefox.

Thank you all for all your helpful advices.

At the moment I am on holiday… and just landed on Linux planet.

I like it and I will study it in my spare time.



Okay … good luck, have fun, and any problems you know where to come for help :slight_smile: