Can anyone help me with lutris?

Hi everyone, i’ve been trying to get itunes running on ubuntu and have had no success until now, but have finally got it to work with ubuntu gamepack and lutris.

But now after following the setup screens for installing itunes, lutris will not finish installing. So everytime i want to use itunes i have to reinstall it. I have found one post on the internet that told me to kill the wine processes, this does work, but then when i try to open itunes again it instantly crashes. I realise apple programs have a lot of compatabilty problems with linux, but thought it would work if it already has a lutris script written.Has anyone come across this orproblem with lutris or have any idea where to go to get help to fix it? cant seem to figure it out from a google search, i’m still pretty new to linux.i really dont want to give up on it as i would love to use linux full time if this was working.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thanks Guys


Hello Mark - and welcome to the Forum.

You might consider using PlayOnLinux. It is based on Wine (internally) and might be easier to use. Have a look at Home - PlayOnLinux - Run your Windows applications on Linux easily!. As far as I an tell it doesn’t require extra s/w to work.
I have no experience of it myself so can’t offer any further advice on it.