can anyone help please - webcam

hi i cannot view my webcam, and im using ubuntu 10.10 someone mentioned codec but when i have tried it, it wont install because of a code error ?? any ideas please

Open a terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal) and enter:

sudo apt-get install cheese

hit enter, and your password when asked.

Once installed…
Go to Applications>Sound & Video>Cheese Webcam Booth
and tell me if your webcam works.

If not… back in the terminal, enter:


hit enter, and post the output

then enter:


hit enter, and post the output from that too.

And can you please not post multiple threads asking the same question… I’m deleting the original thread as it contained no useful information.

It would also help future readers if you give the thread a descriptive title, like - Webcam won’t work in Ubuntu 10.10

Always try to provide as much information as possible, such as…

Linux distribution/version
Hardware, such as the make and model of your PC and the make and model of the hardware that isn’t working (in this case the webcam… if it’s built in to a laptop, the make and model of the laptop).
Any other info you can think of that may help.
and what you’ve already tried to fix the issue (ie. what the codec was that you tried to install, and what SPECIFIC error messages did you get whilst attempting to install it).

hi thanks for that, however, i open application, terminal, and entered the code, it ten asked for my password as you said it would but it would not let me type my password in , its a toshiba laptop with built in webcam, thanks

It IS accepting your password, but nothing gets displayed back to the screen… just enter your password, and hit enter.

It’s a security thing… windows displays ***** Linux displays nothing.

thank you so much, its working now,