Can I boot the Live version Mint from a virtual optical drive.

Sorry if this has been covered before but i had a search about, but wasn’t really sure what i was looking for.

I am considering Linux mint as my new OS and wanted to have a play with the live option. However i don’t have any writable DVDs to hand so was wondering if it was possible to mount the .iso on a virtual drive and boot the live version from there.

If that is a lot of hassle would it be easier to boot if from an external hard drive, if so could someone point me in the write direction for that?


Hi Orcinus Angelus, and welcome to the forum.

The answer is “kind of” …

a) As far as I’m aware Linux Mint has something akin to Ubuntu’s WUBI installer, that allows you to install Mint/Ubuntu INSIDE Windows (kind of as an application, that’s removable from Add/Remove applications … really it’s a virtual disk image and loader) … so YES, mounting the ISO as a CD, then running that installer (I think it’s called Mint4Win.exe or similar, should be in the root of the CD) should work.
(though this won’t be the “Live” version as such, more a semi-proper installation INSIDE Windows)

b) There IS however another way if your PC can boot from a USB stick, and you have a USB stick 2GB or larger … this will allow you to test drive Mint from the USB stick without making ANY changes to your hard drive … then if you like it, you can use the LiveUSB as an installation medium.
(This WILL be the “Live” version)

If you want futher info on creating a Mint LiveUSB from within Windows … just ask :slight_smile:

mint does work in a virtual machine partition; however it has a lot more lag than other VM based distros running compareable desktop environments,no harm in trying it-had tried it out for dad on his virtualbox VM originaly but the lag was so slow that it was impossible to get to package manager or a terminal to install another desktop environment,woudnt mind but his basic spec isnt ridiculously ancient-
Intel(R) Pentium(R) duo core CPU 2.80GHz | 1999 MB RAM | :o

from own experience,every distro have ever tried so far has worked successfuly in VM,so why not have a play around? no harm if it screws up had done that many a time whilst trying out gentoo and slackware. :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

interesting to hear mint has its own WUBI [or shoud that be WLMI?],its a good alternative to strict VMing.

If I’m understanding the question properly … you mean can the Mint LiveCD ISO be booted from a virtual CD drive in something like DaemonTools ?

If so … NO … how can it “boot” in an already booted OS ?

You should however be able to do a WUBI (or Mints version) type installation from a virtual CD, as you’re just running an .exe in Windows from the virtualCD.

Have you considered creating a LiveUSB (stick) with persistence and testing it that way … or even doing a “proper” installation to a USB stick.

Obvioulsy this won’t be as quick as a HDD install, but will allow you to play :slight_smile: