Can I have you views, VMware Server/Virtual Box and WINE

Would value your experience of using these options for running Windows software and games.

I have been trying Wine on Peppermint and have not been impressed at all. The old laptop dose not have enough RAM to try the other two options.

From what I have read they are both good but want to hear members who have used them.

I look forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

I used WINE quite a bit when I first started using Linux. This was about 2 or 3 years ago, and I found the results very varied. If anything it was more useful to get (some) windows games up and running well. Prey for example seemed to run better under WINE than windows. I tried again recently, and have found the whole thing considerably easier to use, and far more stable.
What exactly are you trying to run? My experience is that if something works under WINE, and is listed as platinum or gold in the wineHQ, ( it’s great. Otherwise you can have a nightmarish time fiddling about to little avail.
I know it’s a cliche, but I ended up finding open source / free alternatives to software I used in windows, usually with very surprising and satisfying results!!

VMWare and VirtualBox will indeed run ANY windows application (as you are actually running them in Windows), but don’t expect it to be much use for games… as it will be MUCH slower than running them in Windows without the added virtualisation layer.

WINE is a better bet as far as speed is concerned, but as jgdsp8 states, doesn’t work with ALL Windows apps/games.

Also be aware that running Windows in a VM still requires a Windows licence .

If you NEED to run Windows apps… always best to dual boot Windows.

But obviously, I’d again agree with jgdsp8… where possible find a Linux native alternative, and run it in Linux… and if you MUST run Windows games, buy an Xbox360 :wink:

I also agree that given long enough, you’ll likely ditch Windows apps/games altogether… you didn’t go looking for ways to run Linux apps on Windows did you :wink:

We all suffered withdrawal symptoms from certain software at first, but then discovered alternatives.

Now, I only use one Windows app, that is happy to run in WINE… if it didn’t run in WINE I’d have found an alternative to that too.

It must be said that I’m no PC gamer though… for gaming I use an Xbox360

Thanks to you both for your interesting comments.

I tried WINE for a week and only tried programs that were rated Gold or better by at lest one tester non of the programs worked out of the box or even after an hour so I do not think WINE would suite my requirements.

A mix of applications and games.

Yes there are good Linux alternative programs but if you work from home and your company system requires i.e. and Office to work then that’s the programs you need to have.

I still play DOS games so I will still be playing old windows based games for many years.

One of my biggest reasons to change to Linux is that XP is reaching the end of its support cycle so duel boot will still require me to buy Windows 7 but the other options only require that I have a version of Windows that runs the software.

I like Linux but need access to Windows for sometime to come.

Hope to hear some more views.

Thanks again. 8)