can i remotely view my dvr on peppermint 5?

hi all
i have just installed a dvr with security cameras which i would like to remotely view on my acer aspire one running peppermint 5.
The instructions say i must only use Internet explorer and install active x controls.
Is there a way of doing this on my system?
thanks for any advice,

You might get it working under WINE (with help from winetricks) and a few Windows native dll’s


Or you could install Windows in a virtual machine.

You SHOULD be able to view the output of the DVR (obviously your case may be different) in any browser, as long as you know the IP address and port of the DVR. The format would be http://IP-address:port
You would only need IE and Active X if you want multi screen display.

thanks mark and SeZo

i can now view on my android phone via wifi but not externally using mobile data.
i’m not very good adjusting settings or experimenting as i’ve cocked things up before ‘having a go’ .
i did google it and there is a vid about adding ie via a tab? not sure if that will work on peppermint?
I have also registered a dynamic dns domain for free as i don’t have a static ip.
i have punched the dvr address and port in the address bar above but no luck, been trying to configure this for remote viewing for weeks now.
thanks again for trying to help

so is the DVR updating the IP registered with your dynamic DNS service ?

Might help if you mentioned the DVR make/model … and which dynamic DNS service you’re using ?

thanks for the reply mark
the dvr is storage options and i’m using as my free ddns.
just checked my dvr settings and it has its own lan ip which hasn’t changed.
is the ddns just for the wan of the router? I’m really confused on why it’s so difficult.

Difficult it is not, if you know what you are doing.

Your DVR has an private (LAN) IP address while your router has a public facing (WAN) IP address, visible to all and soundry.
By default (if your router has a firewall enabled) you cannot initiate a connection from the web.
To enable access from the web to your DVR you would need to forward the port connection from WAN to LAN.
So if your DVR would be using port 8080 then you would forward this from WAN to :8080 in your router settings.
Then you would access it from outside with :8080 (substitute your router WAN IP with your DNS entry at

If your router has an local IP of say (subnet
set your DVR to have a static IP in the same range, say (subnet

If the DVR communicates on say port 1501 … then forward port 1501 to LAN IP in the router.

Now lets say your routerss WAN IP is

Then you should now be able to connect to your DVR from the outside by entering:-
in a web browser.
(which is your routers IP on the interweb, the router will then forward that connection to on the LAN)

With me so far ?

That will work, right up until your ISP suddenly changes your WAN IP … this is where DDNS comes in

DDNS works by noip linking a domain name (say to your routers WAN IP … but this linking can only work as long as your router or a PC (or possible the DVR) informs noip every time your WAN IP changes, so they can update the link.
then instead of entering
you’d enter
and the DDNS service would forward the connection to the associated IP address

As you can see, there needs to be a piece of software on the DVR, Router, or an “always on PC” on the same LAN as the DVR that checks to see if your WAN IP has changed, then sends the new WAN IP to noip so they can update their DNS records.

Did any of that make sense ?

Thanks SeZo
i’ve opened port 88 on my homehub 5,i did the can you see me test and it came back positve. is that all that’s needed? and what you are saying is i put my noip add, eg into the firefox address bar and it should work?

Thanks Mark
It is beginning to make sense yes.
All the individual tests are coming back positive yet it wont connect.
So i cannot access the wan address while connected by lan? i just want to see my cctv other than on wifi.
The ddns now makes more sense, i’ve downloaded noip updater on my smartphone, turned wifi off and it still wont connect. i now understand how it should work but feel i’m a setting or 2 from actual success.

  1. Does the DVR have a static LAN IP ?

  2. Do you know the static IP address of the DVR on the LAN ?

  3. Do you know the port the DVR is using ?

i've opened port 88 on my homehub 5,i did the can you see me test and it came back positve.
Did you just open the port on the router or did you forward that port to the DVR IP?

Thanks SeZo
i forwarded it to my dvr, following the instructions on youtube, so it should be all ok?

Thanks Mark, yes to all of the above, i can see them in the dvr network menu

ON a PC connected to the same router as the DVR, go to

then using that IP address, go to

so, using my aspire one i did the above and got this message
Secure Connection Failed

The connection to’ dvr lan address’:88 (i of course used the correct dvr lan address beginning 86.191.>>>)was interrupted while the page was loading.

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Don’t use SSL …


Did you run that verbatim or substituted the proper IP address?
In the latter case did you run it from outside of your network (from the web)?

OK, at least the port forwarding is set up correctly because if I go (in Linux/Firefox) to
I get a blank page entitled “Web Application Manager”

If I go there in Windows/IE, the page asks me if I want to install the viewing software (at this point I stopped without installing the software).

So I’m assuming either
a) you’re right and it’s using some weird proprietary application/protocol
b) there’s possibly a setting on the DVR to serve via a normal protocol such as HTTP

And if you’re wondering how I know your IP … Majick :slight_smile:


According to this (and from what I received):
I can only assume you’re right … it requires IE and ActiveX :frowning: