can i run my email system through Linux?

can I run my email system through Linux?

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Dunno, what email system do you mean ?

Hi thanks for the welcome.
I run broadband through BT’s infinity system and email through BT mail.

If I’m understanding you properly, BT mail is “webmail” so would be accessible from ANY OS that can run a web browser.

So if you normally go to a website, such as

to read/write your emails then YES, absolutely you can do that in Linux.

If you use an email client such as Outlook to download your email to your local machine, you should be able to use Thunderbird in Linux as a replacement, using the settings listed here:

In Linux, set up Thunderbird to handle your mail, making sure to use Imap (not POP). This way, your mail is available from the main server to any device - computer, tablet, smartphone etc.

I’ve never used BT mail so can’t comment on what it does but years ago I switched away from ISP mail to Gmail and have never had an issue since. Gmail has good security and filters and works across any platform - and, once you have switched to a Gmail address, if you change your service provider, you don’t have to change your email address again. :wink: