Can I setup CUPS server to print while spooling?

I have a Ubuntu 16.04.3 server machine setup as a print server to Windows-based client computers. I have three HP M806 printers setup through CUPS that the Windows computers can map to. I am able to print through the Ubuntu print server, however all jobs have to be entirely spooled first before the job begins to print. Previously, we had a Windows Server 2012 print server that allowed the jobs to print almost immediately after being sent to the printers, without having to wait for the job to spool completely first. I am looking to achieve similar results with the Ubuntu printer server.

I have done some research, and have tried the following, all to no avail:

In the CUPS configuration at /etc/cups/printers.conf, have set up IPP printing, where the IP address of the printer is, and the queue name is HP05:

DeviceURI ipp://

The parameters waitprinter=false and waitjob=false are supposed to achieve what I am trying to do, based on other info I found on the web and other posts in other forums. However, the jobs sent from the Windows clients still need to spool on the Ubuntu server before any printing takes place. We have tried numerous drivers for the HP printers, such as PCL5 and PCL6, and looked at the configurations for each one, but nothing has stood out yet as to doing what we want it to do. Anyone have any suggestions that might help us here?

First let me explain I’m just guessing here and have no experience doing what you’re attempting…

Wouldn’t those parameters need to tagged onto the Windows machines print address ?

If you scroll pretty much to the bottom of this page:

it suggests:-

Tips: You can avoid intermediate SAMBA buffer using direct connection to CUPS/IPP Ubuntu server from Windows workstation.
You should manually specify "http://hostname:631/printers/MyPrinter" IPP URL and select printer driver. 

(it was the “direct connection to CUPS/IPP” that caught my eye)

So maybe you’d enter the IPP URL including the extra parameters there ? … as in

at the Windows end … just a thought.