Can I tell which linux live rescue disks automatically display all hard drives?

I’m trying various “create multiboot usb flash drive” programs with various “linux live rescue isos”.

I’ve used knoppix and ubuntu and Kav Rescue Disk in the past, and they’ve worked great for me.

But as soon as I started trying various SLIM / LIGHTWEIGHT boot disks (for several reasons, many academic), I’ve had a hard time finding ones that (a) Open with a “desktop GUI”, and (b) Show the various hard drives (/dev/sda1/) in “file manager” by default (without me having to type commands I don’t understand).

(1) How can I tell if a linux live disc will automatically display all the hard drives? (Is there a name for this feature?)

(2) I’ve had the most success with PuppyLinux, but when I tried to overwrite some registry files with older copies from another folder, I couldn’t do it by dragging, or by using Copy / Paste. I found a right-click command which allowed me to copy files (if I typed out the dest directory) – but only one file at a time. Is this kind of thing a limitation of the “lighter” linux live cds?

(3) Am I using the right terms when I say “desktop GUI” and “linux live rescue disks”?

As for the isos that don’t run (I get a lot of “Kernel Panic”, “File Not Found” and "Stuck in ‘automatic boot in X seconds’ loops), I know need to do research, e.g. on which multiboot creators work with which linux isos.

Thanks everyone!

– dgrrr