Can not execute linux-install-run

Have just downloaded MPLAB-X v1-30 and when I try to run install file using the terminal and ‘chmod’ command to execute the command I get the message command not found even though I am looking at it. If I use the GUI I get the message that I am not a super user even though I am, using the terminal and ‘sudo’ command. I have run the 32bit files.
The O/S is Ubuntu 12.10 64Bit
Any Ideas or suggestions.


Hi andypc42, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You cannot run an executable by just entering it’s name, unless it’s somewhere in the $PATH … you either have to enter the FULL path to the executable, or if it’s in the current directory" precede it with ./ … so if it’s in your Home directory, either of these will work:-

sudo ./linux-install-run


sudo /home/<username>/linux-install-run


Mark Greaves
Thank you for your quick reply. I have tried both those commands but get the same message that I am not a “super user” for the first command and the message “no such file” for the second command. I will try the other commands you suggested later tonight.


OK lets start this from scratch …

First check this is what you’re after:
if it is … continue with the instructions below.

(Be sure to get the syntax right when entering the following commands, and remember Linux commands ARE case sensitive … if in doubt, copy/paste the command)

Delete the fie from your Home directory (if it exists):

cd ~


rm -vf

Now use wget to download a new copy of the file into your home directory:


Set the downloaded file as executable:

chmod +x

Now run the installer:

sudo ./

enter your password when prompted (be aware whilst entering your password, nothing will be echoed to screen, not even ******, but it is going in, so just type your password and hit enter).

You should now be walked through the installation.

If that last command fails, saying something like you are not a “super user” … send the output from this command:


Once again many thanks for your quick reply. Followed all you instructions and commands and glad to say it downloaded MPLABX and executed the the run file.
Many thanks


You’re most welcome :slight_smile: