can somebody pleaaaaase help this make sense to me

can anybody help me i am trying to connect a wireless internet connection with my Eee PC but due to a linux operating system i am REALLY confused now :frowning: can anybody help me with some really simple steps???

You don’t say which Linux distribution you are using, but here are 2 links for setting up Wireless on a default Eee PC Linux installation.

On the second link don’t follow the instructions (step 3 onwards) for email setup unless you need to.

Both are quite old so if things have changed or you are using another Linux distribution, let us know.

If you require further help, can you please specify your Eee PC model number and your Linux distribution and version.

If you’re unsure which distribution you’re using, enter one of the following in a terminal:

cat /etc/*-release


cat /proc/version


cat /etc/issue


lsb_release -a

hit enter, and post back the results.
(remember - Linux commands ARE case sensitive)
or if non of the above give you anything, you could try:

uname -a

that will at least give us the kernel version.