Cannot access my yahoo mail on Peppermint Dell laptop

I clicked on my mailbox icon and a message came up saying to upgrade my browser to either Google Chrome or Firefox but I am already using Chrome as my browser. What is this all about?!

Does Yahoo use flash ?

In Chrome, try going to

scroll down and in the “Flash” section, put a tick in the “Allow sites to use flash” box.

I thought of that one already ha! I ticked that box as soon as I got the laptop back from the PC shop- makes no difference. Summat weird is going on here…

Well I can access it in Firefox on the Dell, so I will just have to do that, but it’s not on that Chrome has blocked my yahoo email access.

How do you access Yahoo mail ? … here:


I just signed up for an account in Chrome and it works perfectly :-\

Also, what’s the output from:

dpkg -l | grep google

I am also getting this massage on yahoo mail.


We can’t get you signed in on this device. Please try on the device that you use most often.

But I can sign in on the same computer using Google Chrome…

A search on the net finds many people with the same problem so I do not think it is the search engine but an issue with Yahoo…

I found an answer that fixed the issue on firefox -

  1. Remove any history, book marks, cookies and passwords for yahoo

  2. Go to yahoo and click on the mail log in and log in as normal.

  3. do a new book mark.

This worked for me…

Maybe the same will work on other browsers…

Thank you so much for that guys- if you can figure out what happened to my Dell ( see new post) and help me restore it then I can try this. I’m back on the Chromebook again.