Cannot find 7zip

I have just installed 7zip via Ubuntu software manager, it shows as being installed but I can’t find it anywhere, any suggestions?

Also have the same problem with Wine. I followed the instructions from the Ubuntu website and download it but it’s nowhere to be seen!

Ubuntu 10.10 for netbooks, dual boot system.

the p7zip-full package, that I think you’re talking about… installs 7z and 7za, both of which are command line utils.

If you’ve installed p7zip-full, you’ll find file-roller (the default archive manager) should now have support for 7z files.

or there is a GUI front end for 7zip (but unless you want to compile it, there is only a .deb for 32bit Ubuntu)… if you are using 32bit, it can be downloaded here:

Once installed you will need to start it from the command line with:


or create a launcher on your desktop/menu containing the same command.

Be Aware - I haven’t tried the GUI front end as I’m using 10.10 64bit… trying to force the architecture didn’t work, and I cant be bothered to compile it :wink:

Personally I’d just use file-roller (already installed in Ubuntu)… just right-click what you want to compress, select “Compress…”, select the compession algorithm (ie. .zip, .7z, .rar, .tar.gz, etc.), click “Create”.

ALSO - in a quick test using file-roller I compressed a 207mb folder (mixed files) using both the .7z and .tar.gz algorithms…

.7z = 107.1mb … time taken to pack - 54 secs … unpack took - 20 secs
.tar.gz = 107.2mb … time taken to pack - 7 secs … unpack took - 4 secs

So I can’t really see the point in 7z… don’t know about you, but I’d rather save 63 seconds than 0.1mb :wink: … although obviously this can’t be viewed as an exhaustive test, by any means :slight_smile:

Thanks. Super help…again. :slight_smile:

For future readers who are after an open source, free, GUI, 7zip archiver for Linux…

PeaZip supports 7zip (7z) compression, as well as MANY others… Linux and Windows versions available, including portable versions.


Extract = 129 archive types: ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF and many more…

Includes addon support for other archive types, custom SFX modules, etc.

PeaZip Linux page: