Cannot use broadcom wireless chip BCM43142 on new arch install

Hello I’ve been using Linux for a few months now and I have only been using ubuntu and ubuntu based distros that have this utility called additional drivers that has allowed me to download through wired Ethernet or mobile phone tethering the driver for my wireless chip unfortunately Arch doesn’t have this incredible utility for some reason and therefore I can’t use wifi I can only use wired Ethernet and mobile tethering

Hi LivingLinuxLife - and welcome to the Forum.

Your question is beyond me but you might receive more replies if you provide more information - try reading for advice on that - and some punctuation would be helpful to readers.

We have few questions here relating to Arch distros so you might have better luck on an Arch Forum such as


One of my machines is an old Dell laptop that has a Broadcom BCM 4312 chip, and this usually proves troublesome on Ubuntu based distros. However, I’ve ran Manjaro (which is Arch based) on this machine without any issue. So did the Manjaro developers include additional drivers?

Or is the function possibly there in Arch but just difficult to find? Apart from Manjaro I don’t have any experience with Arch, but from what I’ve read Arch isn’t particularly easy for beginners to Linux. And yes I know yours is a 43142 and mine is a 4312, but I’m sure you can see my line of thinking.

As Keith has suggested you might have better luck on an Arch forum. For your interest, I’ve also found that Debian based distros generally don’t have a problem with this Broadcom chip either.