Canonical Supplies New Tools for Linux Evangelists

can you believe there self importance

Every town must have a place where phony techies meet
Ubuntu flavoured dungeons popping up on every street


(with apologies to Frank Zappa and sensitive Ubuntu users)

Though haven’t seen this “Advocacy kit”, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for Canonical to do anything that they think will get them better known … and though for multiple reasons I personally disagree with Canonicals direction of Ubuntu … I wish them luck.

I also think ANY posters/documents/tools/visual aids that help me explain in simple terms why a person or company should switch to Linux, can only be a good thing.

Why shouldn’t Canonical be allowed to promote themselves in a market where everyone else does ?


That said, Canonical will probably do it badly, and annoy everyone in the process … the name “Advocacy Kit” itself was bound to cause a bit of a reaction (if indeed that’s what Canonical called it) … or maybe that was the point.

Brilliant “Zappa” reference though :slight_smile:

pure class sir pure class ;D