Can't boot into Cinnamon

Don’t know if it’s something I’ve done but after transferring some docs and pics from usb into mint I cant boot into it.When grub screen comes up for duel booting it doesn’t matter if I leave it or hit enter to select cinnamon it’s only getting as far as the black screen where it displays my name and motherboard details followed by log in and blinking cursor.I cannot get past this, do I need to select recovery?..HELP! please.
before this happened I also lost privelages to open Opera?

What happens if you login in text mode, then run:

sudo service lightdm restart

do you get any error ?

will try

Dunno if it’s me being thick but i have the blinking cursor after login so does that mean i’m logging in in text mode? I can get password to come up but when I try and type my password the cursor doesn’t move along and if I complete the password with cursor staying stationery i get incorrect login .I have tried typing sudo service lightdm restart after login and it asked me for password but once again the cursor doesn’t move along.
Here is where I’m at what do I do from here in easy steps please ;D

Type your username … then hit enter.

you’ll then be prompted for your username … type it, then hit enter.

you should then be logged in in text mode.

Then run:

sudo service lightdm restart

enter your password when prompted, and hit enter again.

Were there any error messages ?

Well that certainly brought up a shed load of errors…error in system excepthook.apt pk error e write error .28 no space on device…etc etc .I remember seeing a message saying something like Root low on space so I’m guessing when I transferred the stuff of my usb I v’e put them in the wrong place and then shifting them about cocked up the system.(Going to have to carry on reading more about this OS.)
In this instance since there isn’t much in Mint of mine think it will be quicker to just reload it and save you Mark a load of time and effort.
Thanks anyway Mark. :-[ :-[

All reloaded again and ok

Well you can if you wish … or we could try deleting some stuff from the command line (or copying user files off to a USB stick), to get you booted ?

In fact try this … log in in text mode, then run:

sudo apt-get clean

can you now boot ?

Thanks for your effort Mark but I have already reloaded it again,doesn’t take long when you don’t have much loaded.Iv’e also managed to load docs and pics without cocking up the system so next time will probably go down the fix root rather than reloading. :-[

No worries my mate, as you say sometimes it’s quicker just to reinstall :slight_smile: