Can't change colour scheme

I have been trying to change my colour scheme but have had no luck at all.
I have found these utilities that can change settings but all I can do is change the ‘theme’ of my desktop, I want to change the COLOURS.

Don’t ask me which one’s which as I have no idea.

Short of messing with different themes (and themed elements) in gnome-tweaak-tool, or “manually” editing the classic panel theme:

I don’t think you can ::slight_smile:

Gnome3 is not as configurable as Gnome2 was … yet.


This may interest you:
or it may not :o

Just visited the Unity desktops and I remembered why I stayed on Gnome, navigation in Unity is crap.
Also, I still couldn’t change colours while there…

Limme do a tutorial and I’ll post it here Pooky! I’m changing the colours of my windows a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

And on ? :slight_smile:

Naturally. :slight_smile:


Looking forwards to it. I had a colour scheme on my old Atari…
It was Blue/Red/Yellow/ Green
Look, I did ask don’t laugh :slight_smile:

Or was it my old Commodore C16 ?

Atari … Pfft … I spit on your Atari … Amiga FTW :wink:

If only …



OK, now I know you’re insane :wink:

Didn’t I

Pfft. Bow to my C64 ladies. :wink:

Pah!.. Did the C64 have a built-in Machine Code Assembler (of which I taught myself assembly language)

I don’t know, I was just a nipper then. :frowning:

lol… I was just a teenager back then :slight_smile:
I’m sure the C16 came out after the C64

Can’t remember. I just remember being heavily into retro gaming when I was around 10/11 ish.

Can one do “retro” gaming on a C64 ? … wouldn’t that be shuffling nuts around the tree tops with our tails ?

I can see how one could play “retro” C64 games in emulation NOW … or that “retro games” could mean games made now but in a “retro style”.

But if “retro” is a shortened form of retrogress(us), latin for “backwards” (?) … then surely playing C64 games on a C64 isn’t “retro”, rather “nativus” (native) ???


Commodore 64 (aka. C64, CBM-64, or VIC-64) was released in 1982

Commodore 16 (aka. C16, and later re-engineered for the European market as the Commodore 116) was released in 1984

You know what I’m mean. Playing games on those old consoles. :slight_smile: Perhaps “old” would’ve been a better suited word.

Of course I did … just exercising the old grey matter :slight_smile: