Can't find Gimpshop for Linux.

According to Gimpshops website:

Gimpshop 2.6 is out, but only available for Windows or Mac… I’ve tried clicking “For Linux, Solaris and the Developers Source Code: Go Here.” - But it’s just a link to the page your already on.

I can’t find a PPA or .deb file for older versions either.

P.S. I might as well try continue to get Photoshop to work in Peppermint. I think it’s just because WINE isn’t version 1.3.28 which I found a PPA for… but the commands didn’t seem to work. :o But that’s for another thread.

You might just have to wait a little longer for the Linux release.

Why not just use the original GIMP in the meantime? I’ve never used GIMPshop so I don’t know how different it is but I know I prefer GIMP to Photoshop.

GIMPshop 2.2.11-1 appears to have been the last release … here’s some links if you’re interested

Source code 2.2.8

32bit .deb from here:

and I suppose you could try installing the 32bit version using the “force-architecture” option.

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs


sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture gimpshop_2.2.11-1_i386.deb

but don’t blame me if it doesn’t work

I can’t find a 64bit .deb

Personally I’d do as glitch suggests and wait till they release the latest version for Linux.

Their forum is supposedly going back up the end of this month (march), so you’ll be able to ask on there soon :wink:

Bleh. That sucks, I really wanted to give it a go too. Guess I’ll find a way to install the WINE 1.3.28 PPA and then see if I can get Photoshop running then. I’ve got things I need to get done, and I can’t hold out till the end of the month. Sounds pathetic I know, but I need to earn money some way. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Here’s the link to the 1.3.28 PPA:

I know how to install PPA\s using apt-get… but that confuses me with the deb command o.o

Yey! I’ve finally learned how to add PPA’s without needing Mark’s help. I feel proud haha. I’ve updated WINE to 1.3.28 hopefully PS will work now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, and please let us know if it works under 1.3.28

Problem still seems to persist, so I’ve not a scooby. Strange how it would work straight outta the box with Natty but not Peppermint, but I guess that’s what happens, haha. Just clear up a few things btw, I’m using a version of Photoshop CS5 that was adapted specifically for Ubuntu, so that it would run seamlessly (in WINE) which it did in Natty.

I guess there must be something that needs changing. :frowning:

I guess it’s time to face the music and take on GIMP. >.<

What exactly IS “the problem” with PS CS5 in WINE ? … and I’ll try it out myself.

If I goto use the text tool, the whole program crashes and then I need to force quit it in order to exit it.

You can get the version I have from my mediafire folder:

[Link removed]

I guess it's time to face the music and take on GIMP. >.<

The Gimp is suffering from a lack of developers and programmers so the version that was due out a year ago still has not appeared. I fear for the future of The Gimp which is an important part of the Linux family. The way in which photography has taken off in the digital revolution means that a decent graphics program with support is essential.

CS5 portable works in wine but has no RAW support.

2.6.11 is on the site now. Perhaps they hadn’t updated it yet when you went and looked.