Can't find Mencoder

Hi, I just installed Mencoder but can’t find it. Where can it be ?
I want to convert some video files and have installed arista and mencoder.
Arista says I need additional files but it can’t find them, so I thought to try Mencoder and I can’t find it. I am getting dizzy here :-[
Don W
PS I missed my afternoon nap :wink:

mencoder is a command line tool … it won’t be in the menus.

What exactly does Arista say ?

What video format are you trying to covert, and what to ?

Depending on the formats, WinFF might be a better option:

sudo apt install winff

iriverter is a GUI for mencoder:

sudo apt install iriverter

never tried it myself though.


iriverter is still in the repos, but according to its homepage:
it’s now a dead project … so dunno if it’ll work or not.

Hi Mark,
I was trying to open a .vob file for editing in Openshot but it wouldn’t open. So I wanted to convert to something that would open.
I have just had a look and it now opens ? I will go through it again.

When I try Arista it asks if I want to search for suitable plugins, I choose Yes, then it comes up with a box that says ‘No packages with the requested plugins found’

GStreamer element ffmux_dvd
GStreamer element mpeg2enc
GStreamer element ffdeinlace
No panic as I can now see the video in Shotwell but I will try the winff and see what I can muck up there.
EDIT I have installed Winff. Iwill have a look for a manual.

I doubt if this will solve the above problem … but is probably a good ide anyway…
install libavcodec-extra

sudo apt install libavcodec-extra

OK Thanks Mark