Can't get to my Desktop

I need to know how to access my desktop from this kind of os Linpus 2.6.38, because there’s no coming after the attached image will
show… how do I do this?.. this is all I see after booting up(Attached image)…

Please I really need anyones help on this… please…

Hi franckloy192, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Has this system ever booted to a GUI desktop with Linpus Live 9.2 ? … is this a fresh install, or is it running from a LiveCD or LiveUSB ?

What is returned if you enter


and hit enter ?

nothing just that Image, I never got the chance to enter the desktop… are you familiar with this? on how to get out from this ?..

and I also planned to install a new OS but can’t even get the system boot the DVD/CD first, even if I’ve set it already as the
the first priority to boot…

So this is a LiveCD/LiveUSB ? … and not currently installed to the hard drive ?

What is the hardware you’re trying to install to ? … as seriously you’d be better off with something other than Linpus, which is VERY old, and no longer in development.

forgot to change my previous reply…

it returns this : “sh startx: command not found”

it’s a Linpus Linux Live CD Edition v9.2 b110329av8… which this was the built in OS of my laptop

but still even if I try any OS, can’t do it, I’ve tried installing ubuntu to, using the USB, but it returns this: “No partition found in table” or something like that…

I’ve never used the Linpus Lite LiveCD 9.2 before, but t appears to be a text based installation routine

But if I were you, I’d try PeppermintOS, or Ubuntu again.

Create a PeppermintOS (or Ubuntu) LiveUSB, boot to it, then select “Try Peppermint” or “Try Ubuntu” … then open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T)
and run:

df -h

and post the output back here.

Instructions for creating a PeppermintOS LiveUSB can be found at the beginning of this tutorial:

if you REALLY want Linpus … I’ll try looking into the text based installer … but seriously, I’d go for Peppermint.

is this an Aspire One by any chance ?

It is an Acer Aspire…

Ok I’ll do it…

when do I exactly open a terminal(Ctrl+alt+T)?

Create a PeppermintOS (or Ubuntu) LiveUSB, boot to it, then select "Try Peppermint" or "Try Ubuntu" .. then open a terminal
I think Mark implied to type (Ctrl+Alt+T) after you have succesfully booted into one of the mentioned distributions and arrived to the desktop.

ok Thanks :slight_smile:

Just re-read your first post:

************************************************** **** *The complete license terms can be found in the root directory.* *please type "less /GPL" and "less /COPYRIGHT" to view. * ************************************************** ****
This would suggest that it is waiting for your acceptance of GPL & COPYRIGHT and would not proceed without it. You could try at the command prompt from [root@localhost /]#

less /GPL

But as Mark suggested you would be better off with a newer distro.

Yup, I’m still going with “Install Peppermint” … specially on an Acer Aspire One :wink:

Not to mention a Peppermint (or Ubuntu) LiveUSB should help get to the bottom of the partition error Ubuntu was reporting.

As far as I’m aware Linpus 9.2 wasn’t the default OS on the AA1 anyway :o

I just got a nice warm landing with ubuntu 12.04, is it gonna be fine? ;D

Thanks Mark… if without this forum I would’ve gone to the seller who sold me this… :smiley:

but really it was linpus, it’s default OS, this is aspire 47526… and it was cheap though… :3

Glad to hear you’re up and running :slight_smile: … have fun, and if you ever need further help, or have any questions, you know where to come :wink:

I am reading this right … you are up and running now ?

I wasn’t doubting “Linpus” … it was the “9.2” that I didn’t realise Acer had ever used :wink: