Can't log into Peppermint

Hi guys

Ok I’ve managed to do something embarrassingly stupid, when logging in this morning I decided to see what the Cairo Dock (Gnome) session was all about, and it didn’t load up properly there was no menu and other things on the panel didn’t show up, so as I had no menu or log out button I managed to open the terminal and reboot, when it rebooted it bypassed the Login screen and went straight into Cairo Dock (Gnome) , so I managed to switch user using a Cairo Dock applet and got into Guest account and from there was able to log out and get to the login screen, the problem is that when I select my main account (Graeme) I can’t select Peppermint from the drop down menu I only get the Cairo Dock (Gnome) option I get both choices with either Guest or other but not with my main account, so I’m effectively locked out

Any help would be much appreciated


What is the output from:
cat /usr/share/xsessions/peppermint.desktop

HI Mark

Panic’s over, the thought occurred to me driving home tonight that I have Timeshift installed and set to do weekly snapshots so I was able to open Timeshift via the terminal, restored back to the last snapshot and everything’s back

That’s something I wont be trying again

Sorry about that :-[


No problem … glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: