Can't mount external hard drive

An external USB hard drive has been used for a number of years to regularly
archive data on a Linux Debian system. The latest attempt to archive data
gave the following error :-

mount /media/backup
mount : can’t find UUID=0688802088800FFB

Why does this error occur and how is it fixed ?


I’m out of my depth here, but have you tried:

sudo blkid


sudo fdisk -l

The appearance (or not) of the device in the listings might help someone more knowledgeable than I.

The hard drive was inserted into another USB port to see whether the first port was faulty.

A card reader had to be removed from its USB port so that the external hard drive could be inserted into that port.

An attempt was then made to mount the hard drive, but the
following happened :-

mount /media/backup

Failed to write lock ‘/dev/sde1’: Resource temporarily unavailable
Error opening ‘/dev/sde1’: Resource temporarily unavailable
Failed to mount ‘/dev/sde1’: Resource temporarily unavailable

The hard drive was then put back into its original USB port.

The card reader was reinserted into its USB port and an
was made to mount the card reader but nothing at all happened - there was no message at all.

Can anyone please help to sort this out.

People will need a lot more information about your system in order to advise you.
Please post the output from

inxi -Fx

You may need to install inxi:

sudo apt-get install inxi

Then please list all the devices attached to USB ports as you seem to have quite a lot.