Care to recommend a dual head graphics card, please?

Well then, the PSU in my old Emachines 6300 desktop finally let the smoke out - 7 years in, so I can’t really complain too much!

So, I bought a new Zoostorm Core i7-4790 with 12Gb RAM, and plonked a samsung SSD in it. Installed Ubuntu 14.04, and … well I have a question !

I would like to run two (DVI?) monitors off this, and as per the thread title would be grateful if someone could recommend a reasonably priced graphics to do so. BTW, current monitor is a 23" Samsung on DVI, and I thought, given the price, another one of these would be sensible…

all opinions welcome (!)



It’s a good question, as while there are tons of dual DVI cards out there, I’m not sure what the crack with driver support is for this feature.
I’m also unsure of whether you could use a single one, and the onboard Intel graphics at the same time - my gut says no (I don’t know how X would figure it out), but it might be possible.

My gut says Nvidia is probably your better bet, as historically they have had the better propriatory drivers, but I’ve got no real basis for that except anecdotal.

@Chemicalfan; thanks for the reply. ( i thought it was a good question too ;D - couldn’t find much on’t tinterweb…)

I’ve been talking to my nephew tonight - a big windows gaming fan 8) …but he has several “old” graphics cards which we are going to try… knowing him they will be high spec ones, :slight_smile:

we’ll even try using the integrated & one at the same time - might prove “interesting” !

so… watch this space…