Certificate Advice..

Good afternoon,

Just a really basic question - I recently started a new job and their systems are exclusively Linux based (Centos to be exact). I have no prior Linux experience and obviously I want to get up to speed as quickly as possible. I have researched (read as googled :p) certifications and from what I have discovered CentOS is basically a free version of Red Hat. My employer has offered to pay for my certification but I want to make sure I am picking the best course for me.

So far I have seen, RHCSA/RHCE and LPI-1, 2 & 3. These seem to be options. The LPI includes a Linux “Essentials” course as well. I have asked around the pros and cons between the two and the general consensus is RHCE would bring the most reward but is fairly difficult.

If anyone has any further input or points that I have missed I would love to hear them!!

Happy Christmas and thank you in advance!

PS. I changed my OS at Home to CentOS 6 :slight_smile: