certification exams

What is the Linux server exam?
Or do you have another exam that i don’t know about?

There are MANY Linux certification courses/exams, of which the Redhat ones are just a few.

LPI (Linux Professional Institute)
CompTIA Linux+
Redhat certification
Ubuntu certification
SuSE certification
Oracle certification

To name a few, obviously the Rehat, Ubuntu, SuSE, and Oracle ones are vendor specific, whereas the LPI and CompTIA are vendor neutral.

then there are the other *nix certifications like Solaris, Unix, etc.

As for which is best… I suppose that depends on who you are presenting it to.

can you be more specific about the actual exam?
Which is the SERVER exam for Linux?

You seem to under the impression that Linux is a single entity, and that there is a single recognised certificate like MCSE or MCSA.

AFAIK, even in the M$ world there isn’t a specific SERVER certification, just certification that includes server administaration for specific server versions, extra server version course addons cost you extra… but they are all just addons to MCSE MCSA etc.

It might help if you stated what you want to do with any certification.

But most if not all of the above (Linux certs) will include server admin/configuration as part of the course/exam.

So the question was asked and answered… read what the above Linux certification courses cover, and take your pick.