change desktops?

Is it possible to change from Cinnamon to something else without reinstalling the entire OS?
I want to use other desktop environments.

Theoretically it should be possible … but there are often minor glitches (and occasionally BIG ones)…

Dunno if this is still current:

same should apply to Xfce … just install the
package … then log off/on (selecting Xfce4 as the session)

or for LXDE … install the
package … then log off/on (selecting LXDE as the session)

or for KDE … install the
package … then log off/on (selecting KDE as the session)

or for GNOME … install the
package … then log off/on (selecting Gnome shell as the session)

Be aware … installing any of these will likely take up quite a bit of HDD space.

and don’t blame me if it all goes horribly wrong :wink:

If you just wanna test them, you could burn a liveCD of them (if the distro you want provides them), or use a Virtualbox.

I did see this announced on Distrowatch -
Apparently got 76 different window manager packages available!!

Jesus H… :o