Changing drive type!

Is it possible to change the format of a HD to another?
i.e. NTFS to Ext4
WITHOUT formatting and losing all info/files on it?

I don’t think it is.

NTFS → EXT4 nope.

You can convert between EXT2, EXT3, and EXT4 … and you can convert between FAT and NTFS … but there is no way to convert MS filesystems to Linux ones (at least that I’m aware of).

Your only option is to move the data.

Mark is right, you can’t convert from NTFS to EXT4.

Having a quick look online the only thing I’ve found so far that can format without data loss is Norton PartitionMagic. It isn’t free, and I don’t think works on Linux. I’ll continue looking though…


Just out of curiosity why are you trying to change the format?

Because NTFS sucks really big sucky things, then blows really large chunks … maybe ?

Sorry … couldn’t resist :wink:


@ pooky2483

You probably already know this, but if the drive/partition is going to need to be accesses by Windows, best stick with NTFS … Linux can read NTFS, but Windows can’t “natively” read Linux filesystems.

So external “storage” drives/partition that will be shared with a Windows PC, or internal “storage” drives/partitions on a dual-boot setup may be best as NTFS.

I don’t really see myself using Windows pretty soon and I’m running out of space so need another HD AND to prevent any further problems re my previous thread, I lost my NTFS formatted HD’s So I want to move stuff off those HD’s and reformat to EXT4

If you are just going to use it as storage then you can leave it as NTFS. As Mark said Linux can deal with it without any problems. If however you are going to put your OS on there then you will need to format.

I want to change it so as not to encounter any more problems as of a previous thread.

Change it, don’t change it … that’s up to you :wink: … but I’m afraid there is NO way of converting between NTFS and EXT(n)

So the only way round the problem would be to backup the data to another drive/partition :o

Personally I wouldn’t bother unless you NEED a Linux file system … but your call

What problem are you referring to ?

This one

If you don’t uninstall ntfs-3g you should be fine :slight_smile:

don’t, it’s like the HP printer driver problem, ‘something’ changes/removes bits!