Changing the Ownner of a Partition

Guys, I installed Linux Mint 19.2 in my laptop and when installing, as the hard drive was 1tb, I split it in two partitions and created it in addition to the / /home and swap partitions, and created a /windows partition (fat 32). It turns out that the partition owner is root and I would like to create directories in this partition for /home users. I tried via console, as root user, changing the /windows partition group to the user group. But it did not permitted. The group name of this /windows partition is plugdev. I tried the command chmod 777 /windows but it didn’t work out also. it left rwx for the owner and the group (plugdev), but did not authorize anything for “others”; Could someone help me how to change the group of this partition /windows?
May I simply delete this /windows partition using “gparted” without changing anything in /etc/fstab? What should I change there to delete /windows?
I bag your pardon for my poor English, but my native language is Portuguese. Thanks in advance.

Yes you can wipe the windows partition when its unmounted, removing the entry from fstab is a must as the system may fail to boot properly if fstab is telling PC to mount a partition that no longer exists. When installing windows it will assign a filesystem.
Personally I would put the windows OS on a separate HDD.
good luck.

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