Channel 40d

Hey guys I just cannot watch channel 40d- I click on a programme but that buffering circle just rolls endlessly- it worked fine a few months ago…anyone else have problems with it?

Lol, I was just thinking “never heard of Channel 40d, what’s that?” but then I realised you meant “Channel 4Od”!

Does it use Flash? If you right-click on the loading file, does a menu comes up that talks about Flash? Flash is a bit iffy sometimes :frowning:
Does YouTube work ok?

Lol, I was just thinking "never heard of Channel 40d,

I was thinking it sounds like my kind of channel :slight_smile:

Guys all other iplayers and online vids are working fine- not a flash problem. It gives no messages, just endlessly buffers,

4od regularly change their DRM, and break Linux support.

I’m still looking for a solution (if there is one yet) :frowning:

Thanks Mark. How annoying- there are some documentaries I want to see on there.