Cheap PogoPlugs

Just in case anyone’s interested… PCWorld are offering PogoPlugs for £49.99

Too late, they’ve put them up to £69.99 now :frowning:

PogoPlug homepage

Standard features (before you install PlugBox Linux)

PlugApps… what else they can be used for :slight_smile:
ie. install Plugbox Linux :slight_smile:

Other links -

Installing PlugBox Linux on Pogoplug

PlugBox Linux portal

PogoPlug review

OK, PCWorld have put the Pogoplug price down to £59.00 (down from £74.99)… I’ve no idea how long this price will last.

They also have the Pogoplug Pro… same thing, but with built in wireless… at an (IMHO) overpriced £99.99

Clients available for Linux (32bit and 64bit), OS X, Windows, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Palm.