Chromebook has died

Guys I got a problem. My Chromebook died 3 days ago- just keeps shutting itself off. Its battery is fully charged. I was just online looking at a website and it went off. I thought at first maybe I’d forgotten to charge the battery but then saw the cable was in, so I pressed the on button. It came on after a few attempts and the battery icon showed it was fully charged. I then thought maybe it’d run out of RAM and shut itself down. It has 2 GB RAM.

I was about to go into the cookies setting to check if any cookies needed clearing and it shut itself off again.

I pressed it back on and it lasted about 10 seconds and went off again.

I’ve tried a few times but it won’t stay on.

What do you think the problem is?

Are your sure the battery icon means it is fully charged? Mine means simply that it is present.
My old Dell laptop also had a battery with short-term memory-loss but would run quite happily on just the charger - with the battery removed - so it could be that your charger is knackered or the battery is short-circuiting it. Can you remove the battery easily to try that? Might need a very small screwdriver. If it fails to run, then it may be the charger at fault.

Alternatively; if the machine will stay on long enough with the battery in, please post the output from:

upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0

Its battery icon said 100% charged. The charger is a great one, quite new from the computer shop in town. It works fine.

It’s not possible to get into the Chromebook- all sealed up, no screws.

I wouldn’t know how to do that anyway . I’m a tech dunce lol.

I don’t know how to post that output either sorry, but it only stays on for like 10 seconds so not enough time anyhow.

I think you are doomed with this one, unless someone else has some ideas. Sorry. :frowning:

The Polish computer shop guys in town might be able to retrieve my folders from the SSD drive. I was planning to save up for a new Chromebook anyway as it was on its last Chrome update and the keyboard had hardly any keys that would type; I was using an external keyboard.

It would have been more of a tragedy if I hadn’t this netbook. I have a big monitor that I can plug into it to get a nice big screen but I’m mostly too lazy to do it as sitting it on my knee is convenient lol.

I just kinds miss the integrated-ness of a Chromebook and the fast SSD drive, although it had started to slow down.

However the upside of a Linux computer- I can use a scanner and also get a printer to work on it.

My first netbook was a Dell that came with Ubuntu on it. My Mum got it for me from Cash Converters. We didn’t even know what Linux was at the time. I’d heard of it but never used it.

The man showed us it working and I was impressed and said to my Mum yes, let’s get this!

I went to a LUG meeting to find out more about Linux and the guys there said the Ubuntu was old and put Mint on it for me. That was in 2010/11- been a Linux user ever since!

Just wanna add I also got a portable HD that I have saved stuff on that I could never use on the Chromebook but of course works fab on Linux.

Most of the files I have on the Chromebook I have on my Google drive but there are some in its downloads I hadn’t saved to the Google drive.

I reckon the Polish guys will be able to extract them. But that will have to wait til this evil virus is gone.

Why not simply extract your SSD and plug it into your Asus via an external (USB) SSD “carrier”? They are not expensive (I think). Then you can simply copy the files over to the ASUS. Saves paying someone else to mess with your data.

I’m glad that you are a confirmed Linux addict.

That sounds very logical but I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it. I’d have to get the Polish computer guys to do that. They know a bit about Linux as well as fixing laptops, netbooks and hardware so I could ask them to do that. Thanks for the tip

Gosh yes, Linux distros are wayyyy better than Microsoft! I can’t understand why anyone would want it after using Linux distros lol.

Some people say well photoshop, then I say well there’s Gimp, does same thing, and will cost you nowt.

What’s the model of your Chromebook?

Asus C300.

From SOLVED: Can the SSD be replaced - Asus Chromebook C300M - iFixit I see that: “C300M does not use a hard drive. It uses a Bay Trail which is an SoC utilizing an eMMC for storage. For a lack of better terms it is hard-wired into the motherboard and is not replaceable.”

Looks difficult.

Yes I remember now the Polish guys telling me you can’t get into Chromebooks. That’s the downside of them- you can’t upgrade them like laptops.

They might be able to extract the files though.

Mark was always telling me to buy a Dell E latitude off ebay and put Peppermint onto it.

I might get one of those instead when I have the money and ask Polish guys to put Peppermint 9 onto it.

Of course I will only buy one with an SSD drive!

Dell Latitudes are nice and P9 is ideal for them. Good luck with finding one.

Oh I’ll find one Keith! They are always turning up on Ebay.