Chromium to Firefox Bookmarks (SOLVED)

Thought I would give Firefox a run…Chromium still installed.

Is it possible to transfer the bookmarks from Chromium to Firefox…?

Jocklad ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

In Firefox…

Bookmarks > Show all Bookmarks > Import and Backup > Import Data from Another Browser

Select “Chromium” … click “Next


Import Data from Another Browser

Select “Chromium” … click “Next”

Nothing found: its not detecting Chromium Mark.


OK,as long as you don’t have Google Chrome installed you can do this by renaming the “chromium” directory to “google-chrome”, importing the “Chrome” bookmarks, then renaming the directory back again (if you do, have Chrome installed STOP NOW and let me know as we’ll have to move it’s directory first):

make SURE chromium is closed … then rename the chromium directory with:

mv -v ~/.config/chromium ~/.config/google-chrome

Import your bookmarks in Firefox, which will now discover and list it as “Chrome”, so import the “Chrome” bookmarks.
once done, rename the directory back (BEFORE running Chromium again):

mv -v ~/.config/google-chrome ~/.config/chromium

That worked perfectly Mark.

Bookmarks now Imported

Thanks again… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No problem … and thanks for marking the topic solved :slight_smile: