Cloned hdd to a new ssd but... [Solved]

Cloned hdd to a new ssd using clonezilla and it did exactly what it was asked to do but I’ve been left with a small problem.
Windoze is on a 33ish gb partition and peppermint is on a 35ish GB partition and there is about 170GB unallocated.
Trying to use gparted to resize partitions but it keeps telling me the partitions are mounted even though they are showing as un mounted in disks.
I am currently using it as my hard drive so it can be viewed but can unplug it and use old hdd to boot to and plug ssd into usb if req.
Also I have created a temporary partition 80ishGB for windoze to use but it an be deleted. Basically what I want to do is have half the ssd for windoze (ntfs) and the other half for peppermint but i’m missing a trick somewhere.

Any help appreciated of course.

You would be better off to boot with a Live CD (USB) to re-arrange the partitions on the SSD.
Once you booted into the Live CD and fired up GParted, check if any of the SSD partitions are mounted.
This would be indicated with the key symbol. If it is mounted then right click on it and then Unmount.
To reallocate the space for two existing partitions you would need to do it in few steps.
a) Move the rightmost partition to the far right
b) Expand (not move) the first partition towards the right untill you reach the halfway mark
c) Move the second partition back towards the left to butt up to the end of the first partition
d) Expand the second partition to fill up the rest of the unused space on the right

Do all of these steps one at a time. Some could take a looong time.
Nedless to say back up everything first (unless you still got the original cloned disk).

Thanx Sezo.
All done now.
I was trying to do it with the ssd plugged into the usb but it wouldn’t unmount everything but doing it via a live session (peppermint 6) with ssd connected internally worked just fine, just had to unmount the swap partition.
Can boot to Peppermint in 4 seconds now

Peppermint flies on an SSD :slight_smile:

Yeah everything is crazy fast.
I never turn it off, just leave it in stand by but I swear that when I hit the space bar it loads before the bar hits the stop.