Command line style gui


This may sound like a daft question but you’ll have to trust me I’m not as stupid as I sound,

First of all, does anybody know the actual name for a console gui type interface, think top or vim. And secondly, any idea on how to program one, not expecting details, just a rough approach. The only way I can think is with classic teletype commands, just wondering if there’s a more elegant approach.


Is ncurses what you’re after ?

If it is, there are plenty of tutorials online :wink:

Fantastic, no idea how I didn’t manage to find that,

Thank-you very much

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Heh… as always, these things are only easy to find when you know where to look :wink: … I’m no programmer, but luckily I’d come across ncurses before, so just threw it out there as a suggestion.