command line

For my GCSE Computing Course Work, I have to ask a professional or generally someone involved with computing their evaluation on the 'usefulness of the top command in linux and discuss how a computer technician might use it together with ‘ps’ amd ‘kill’ in order to investigate a system that is misbehaving.

Any input would be much appreciated and also if you could reply soon that would be great!
Thank you!



command lists processes in use and their resource usage, it can be useful for seeing which processes are the ones hammering say RAM or CPU usage



command will list processes and give info such as their owner, parent process, etc. and process ID number


could then be used to send an errant process a specified signal to do something … defaults to “SIGTERM” which kills the process.

If I were you I’d get a LiveUSB of Linux created/booted … then experiment.

A LiveUSB will allow you to boot into Linux from a USB stick without making any changes to the PC’s normal OS.