Could anyone tell me if it is possible for me to load microsoft word 2007 student onto my acer one lite which is using linux linus system. Regards Barry.

You could “try” with WINE, but I think your chances of success are pretty slim, and even then, why on earth would you want to ??

OpenOffice will do the job, and the recent Lotus Symphony release looks interesting … (or you could use “AbiWord” which is also good!)

I’m with MP on this… Use OpenOffice, or IBM Lotus Symphony… they are both compatible with M$ Office .doc documents. (I can’t speak for AbiWord ↔ MS Word compatibility, as I’ve never tried it)

But if you absolutely NEED M$ Word 2007, it appears it “can” be installed/run under WINE… see here:

Don’t expect a “click to install” type installation though :wink:

Another options would be to create/store/access/download M$ docs online at:

they can then be downloaded, or posted to elsewhwere, or a link be created online for them to be read/printed from any PC with an internet connection.
(I have no idea how secure the documents created here are, so check first)