Compile or package

Hi guys

I want to install a program to my Grand-Daughters PC called anagramarama which I think might
help her with learning words, the problem is the program is only available as a
tarbal( which I believe means i have to compile it from source (something I’ve never done before)

Having researched this as best I could It seems I have 2 options

option(1) would be to compile from source using these instructions

Option(2) Create a .deb package as per these instructions

of the 2 options I prefer the second because assuming i’m understand this right if I create
a .deb file I can easily uninstall it if i decide i don’t want it anymore or at least easier
than I could if i used the first option, also it would be easier to install the package to
another PC or reinstall to the same PC if I ever upgraded the OS.

All this depends on whether or not creating a .deb package is as simple as it appears to be on option 2 and that I’m understanding this correctly

As this is unfamiliar territory for me I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer before I screw up big time

Many thanks


Or even better … Option 3.

Make sure you have the “universe” repository activated … then install it through your package manager, or with:

sudo apt-get install anagramarama

ALWAYS check if something is available from the repositories BEFORE attempting to download/install it from the interweb :wink:

Ok after giving it some considerable thought I went for option 3 and it was probably a bit simpler than either of my original options would have been

ALWAYS check if something is available from the repositories BEFORE attempting to download/install it from the interweb

In my defence, I searched in synaptic but I must have spelt it wrong because it didn’t show up so I assumed it just wasn’t available in the repos

Anyway before I make myself look any more of an idiot, I’ll thank you for your help and mark this solved or preferably delete the whole thread :slight_smile:


Heh … we all do it … I know I have :wink:


I assume you’re working in Peppermint 3 ?

if so, have you got apt-xapian-index installed ?

That will give you a “Quick Search (Filter)” in Synaptic that starts showing results as you type … install it from the command line with:

sudo apt-get install apt-xapian-index && sudo update-apt-xapian-index

Which will install it, then update its database.

then open Synaptic, and look on the toolbar for “Quick Filter” and type anag … see anagramarama is listed below :slight_smile:

I assume you're working in Peppermint 3 ?
if so, have you got apt-xapian-index installed ?

I’m sure I have it on this PC but not on Chloe’s because this PC does make predictions as I I search in synaptic whereas Chloe’s doesn’t, but I’ll definitely make sure I have it installed on all my PC’s

Thanks for you’r advice