Compiling in Player/Stage Error

Hi, I have installed on Ubuntu 12.04 Player-3.0.2 and Stage-3.2.2. No problems with the actual installation. The problem lies here: When i try to compile a .cfg file -for example when i type the command

player map1.cfg
  • i get an error of the form:
err: Model type sensor not found in model typetable (/home/alex/src/Stage-3.2.2-Source/libstage/ CreateModel)
err: Unknown model type sensor in world file. (/home/alex/src/Stage-3.2.2-Source/libstage/ CreateModel)

I must point out that I am actually able to compile the simple.cfg in Stage-3.2.2/worlds without problems which is rather odd.

I found an article Moving from Stage 3 to Stage 4: laser and ranger | Jessica Austin which might be able to solve the problem, but the instructions are vague in terms of which config files i have to change.

Can you Pastebin the contents of the map1.cfg file … then post the URL of the pastebin.