Computers Specifically for Linux


One of the points that is made quite frequently when there is advice given with regards to installing Linux is to avoid installing it on a system previously created for the Windows environment. Does anyone know of suppliers of systems - specifically laptops - that I can contact with regards to Linux compatibility? I help users with basic problems with their computers, and most of them have a problem due to the complexity of Windows and problems with updates. I would like to ‘convert’ them to a system that is better suited to them, and that generally seems to be a Linus distro. As long as the desk/laptop is cheap enough, I am happy to do all the work for them and then give it to them. So far, I have been unable to find a source of systems that is not dedicated to either Windows or iOS. FYI, I’m in the Essex, UK area, if that helps.


Thanks arochester. However, most of them are way above the price range that I was hoping for. What I would be happy with is second hand, slightly old, in-installed laptops (/desktops) that I could install myself for my friends.

So what’s your price range ?

I’m pretty sure people could advise you on systems within that range that are known to work well with Linux … even though they may come with Windows pre-installed.