configuring auto-run program to second screen

Hello folks, not been on here for a while but am now back with an iminent HTPC build.

I want to configure the HDMI output as the second screen and want the media program(XBMC, Boxee or similar) to auto-run in it on start up. In windows 7 I can only get it to auto-run in the primary ‘desktop’ screen.

Will ubuntu allow me to achieve my wishes?



Dependant on which graphic card you have, we’ll be able to get you set up with your secondary display. As for the program, it should theoretically start in the place you left it, however sometimes programs have the tendency to go back to the display the were originally on in maximized view.

Excellent, the monitor and tv will both be driven from the motherboard.

Is the motherboard fairly new? Also, could you post which motherboard it is you have, that way we can work around any complications, but it should just be a matter of plug-in and Ubuntu will pick-up on which drivers you need.

Just building it now.

The motherboard is a Zotac H67-ITX-C-E and is fitted with an Intel i3-2120 CPU. It’ll have 8GB RAM (when it arrives), a 60gb SSD and a blu-ray player / DVD writer (also awaiting delivery).

It’s all crammed into a black Wesena ITX-7 media centre case.


You should be fine. I can’t see any problems relating to it, so it should be a case of building up you HTPC, installing Ubuntu and then we’ll configure the secondary display if Ubuntu hasn’t picked up on it, when you plug both displays in.

Brilliant, cheers. Wife has just ordered a shiny new telly to go with it (we are now of course brasic and will have to eat the kids as the fridge is empty!) so should be all set some time next week.

Thanks very much,


Hey, eating grass is always the other option? Haha.

Not a problem, we’re here to help!