Configuring server as Fiber Channel Storage Server on CentOS 7/8

I am a bit new to CentOS and have a project coming up where we need to deploy:

  1. 3 x PowerEdge R640 servers (in which we propose to install vSphere ESXi 6.7 into each and will be independent hosts)
  2. Brocade FC Switch (proposed switch to interconnect the ESXi servers and R740 XD storage server)
  3. PowerEdge R740 XD (proposed to install bare-metal CentOS 7/8 with LVM volume management, configured as storage server and the storage presented to the hosts via FC). This is the only part I’m new to and a bit unsure about.

Before proceeding with project, could someone please confirm to me whether they have ever been able to configure a server as a storage target on CentOS and successfully presented to ESXi hosts via Fiber Channel switch (not ISCSI)?

Really need to be sure if this design can work and if possible and if there are any steps that i need to be keen on to ensure to do?