Confused deputy attack detected

Guys what does this mean? I get it when I try to go to Coursera ( an online course) via my email alerts. The site itself seems ok. Of course I have posted about it on the learning forum, but was wondering if you Linux folk might know what this means. Thanks.

A “confused deputy attack” aka. “cross site request forgery” is a page with an element that attempts to use a stored cookie in your computers web browser to authenticate on a third party website (so the request appears to be coming from you, and uses your authentication cookie).

see here:

Yes as a matter of course never use an email link that you did not request to access an account. Always go directly to the account and log on from there.

Yeah, when it comes to links, what you click on might not actually be where you end up. For example, it may say on the screen, but you may end up at some shady site. Or worse, a really well made spoof site that looks like the one you thought it was