conky questions how to e.c.t.

Questions for conky configuration

(1) am I right thinking there’s a temperature sensor in the CPU

(2) were do I go to get weather info for the British Isles I’ve been referred to one website but it it’s American, the advise said you had to login and I can’t find a Registration or Login page

(3) what do you name the config file and were do you save it, do you need to set attributes/properties ? or reboot

The answer to (3) is save the config file as .conkyrc in your home folder.

eg $ /home/glitch/.conkyrc

Then you just need to run conky. ‘Alt+F2’ and type ‘conky’ (without the quotemarks).

I will look into the other questions for you.

There is a Conky Thread on the CrunchBang Forum has a lot of great Conky themes available:

(1) am I right thinking there’s a temperature sensor in the CPU
For the cpu run:


sudo sensors-detect

This should give you some ideas as to what sensors are detected.

  1. No idea (not using it)
(3) what do you name the config file and were do you save it, do you need to set attributes/properties ? or reboot
(as glitch advised) The config file .conkyrc is automatically created in your home folder at installation of conky. Unfortunately you will have to edit it to suit your requirement by hand.
  1. not really, though there is probably one on the motherboard for determining CPU temp … though you may have to install/configure lm-sensors to be able to read it

install lm-sensors:

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

then configure them like SeZo suggests above.

  1. See step 4b here for a link and “how to” for weather stations:
    HTC-Like Clock / Weather Conky Configuration ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog
    which will also give you other clues.

  2. As glitch says … the configuration file for conky is normally ~/.conkyrc

This may also help

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Just for the record, if in future you wish to run more than one instance of Conky, then you can use:

conky -c ~/path/to/conkyrc/file & 

I run about 3/4 different instances of Conky, you don’t have to use the one in your home directory you can download others from sites like DeviantArt where there is tons. Including ones for weather, which are much nicer than the HTC clock one IMO.

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Yeah, you can. I usually do it to function like Windows’ Rainmeter app, which I so badly which they’d port to Linux, but because of the way the desktop interacts with everything else, there’s like a layer the desktop sits on and it causes problems for Rainmeter.

I’m sure in time once they’ve figured out how to fix it, they’ll release it, but by then Conky will probably already have a GUI front-end for easy setting up, etc.

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I used Rainmeter on my gaming pc for a while but I didn’t like it.

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I use that method to delay start for Conky:

conky -c .conkyrc -p 10

Of course the file could be located anywhere in the home directory

Hm, interesting. Why do you delay it for 10 secs?

Do you have a lot of programs on start-up?

Nah… Not a lot of programs. Old habit. Or maybe just because I can.
Used to have 3 or 4 separate instances of Conky and just liked them to pop up in a orderly fashion (delay timed)

I see. I usually like mine to all come up at the same time. :slight_smile:

I’ve found that if conky is in the startup list it messes up. I can’t remember the exact reason but by delaying it 10 secs or so it enables conky to work correctly.