Connecting Peppermint to Plusnet router (SOLVED)


I’ve installed Peppermint 4 on a friends laptop and had no problem connecting to my talktalk router but she says when she took it home
it won’t connect wirelessly to her plusnet router.

She’s spoken to Plusnet but they can’t figure it out and at the moment she’s connecting with a cable.

Can anyone suggest a solution please?


Hmm. I am connecting to a router connected to Plusnet.
One good thing about them is that you can use any brand of routers of your choice. It does not have to be supplied by them.
I would be very surprised if it is a problem with Peppermint. As long as the router SSID is detected, the pass-phrase supplied, then it should work.
The only obstacle would be if your router uses mac address filtering and yours is not present in the allowed list.

hi, SeZo

Interesting info. I have a Belkin router I can take to her house and see if that works.

I’ve put Peppermint on her laptop myself and it connected wirelessly to my talktalk router immediately so it isn’t Peppermint
but as you say it could be the router.

She used the same laptop previously with Vista and that apparent;y connected wirelessly so it is puzzling I’ve even now asked her to
check if there is a wifi on/off switch on the laptop which may have got turned off by accident!!

If I take my Belkin router with me and simply use the Plusnet password to get in that might possibly work if the Plusnet router is faulty
do you think?


Another possibility might be the encryption method, or just human error…

Can you (on her laptop, at her house) run these 2 commands in a terminal, and post the output back here:

rfkill list


sudo iwlist scanning

and can you post the output from:
sudo iwlist scanning
from any Linux PC at your house … so we can compare the encryption methods.

hi, Mark (me again sorry different lady and laptop though this time)

i’ll do as you suggest but I suddenly wondered if I have put a new OS on would i need to create a new network connection or should it
automatically find the router and just ask for the password anyway?

I wondered whether to take my Belkin router with me to see if that worked and having tried it now on my Mint netbook had to create a new
network which it then connected to. My usual router is one supplied by talktalk.

Is that nonsense or a possibility?

Cheers Doug.

You’ll have to click the Network Manager icon in the system tray (by the clock), it will then display a list of all discovered wireless networks.

Now select her network from that list and click on it (to connect) … it will then request 2 passwords…

The first one it’ll require (when it mentions “Authentication”) is her Peppermint password

The second one will mention “wireless key”, this one obviously wants the key to connect to her router.

Hi, Mark

She’s just emailed me to say that she has now connected wirelessly by doing as I did on my netbook by creating a new wifi network and putting in her
Plusnet details as if it was a new one and apparently she says she’s now got a wifi connection.

We’ll wait and see if it works next time and if not try what you have suggested in your posts.

Anyway she seems to be quite happy with Peppermint thus far having previously used Vista but got the dreaded “blue screen”.

She first took it to a computer shop and they wanted £65 to reload Vista and £105 if she wanted her files reloaded. They also said even after all this if she
couldn’t then get into the internet that was her problem!

Peppermint to the rescue!!

If all goes well, Mark, i’ll let you know if otherwise i’ll follow your instructions and post the output.

Many thanks,


Great … glad to hear she’s enjoying Peppermint :slight_smile:

You do realise Peppermint 5 is out on Monday ? … so it may be a good idea to install that before she saves too many files and things.
(in other words, whilst it’s still easy)

Peppermint 4 support has ended, but Peppermint 5 should be “good to go” for 5 years :slight_smile:

Hi, Mark

Good news about P5. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help I hope it has solved her problem permanently otherwise I may have to seek you out again!!


Doug. :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile: