Connection issues

I may not be about much for a little while, my internet keeps dropping out … I manage about 30 seconds of connectivity at a time, so I’m having to “time” posts ATM and it’s a PITA.

If it takes me a while to get round to things like first post approval I apologise in advance for the inconvenience but it’s currently beyond my control … when normal service resumes is down to how many hoops Sky make me jump through before they’ll fix what I KNOW to be an external line issue.
(currently awaiting them sending out a new router just to prove that’s not the issue even though I’ve already tried another router)

Mmm, I finally got around to reporting a long-standing speed issue with my line this week.
I can assure you BT are no better.

Conversation went something like this;

Me> I used to get speed (70M), now I get less than (30M), I’m paying for (70M), I’d like to get (70M) again
BT> Oh, I can see you’re coming up to your renewal date
Me> No, I’ve had this circuit for over two years
BT> No, you started a new 12 month term 11 months ago?
Me> Eh?! How? What?
BT> You enabled BT cloud, this started a new 12 month term
Me> WTF is “BT Cloud” when it’s at home?
BT> Blah, Blah …
Me> Ok, so, I’m paying for (70M), I’m getting less then (30M), what’s the deal?
BT> It’s probably due to contention
Me> No, I’ve tested it 24x7, I never even get (30M), it’s being filtered
BT> Oh, our records say the maximum speed for your location is (30M), that’s all we can provide
Me> No, I used to get (70M) [for 9 months], I’ve been paying for (70M) for years, I’d like to get (70M) again
BT> Really, it seems your location can only support speeds of up to (30M), you should probably downgrade, you could get your current speed for less money
Me> No, I really would like to get (70M), what do I have to do?
BT> Oh, we seem to be seeing a fault somewhere on the Network
Me> Ok, so is that causing my speed issue
BT> Mmm, don’t know, we’ll have to look into it
Me> So where is the problem, my end, cabinet, exchange, backbone?
BT> No idea, we’ll have to look into it

And in the interim, I was told that I wasn’t signed up to the 70M service, the 70M service did not and had never existed, it was a problem with my line, a problem with my router, too many devices plugged into my router, that I was on the 40M services and needed to speak to upgrades in order to get a faster service, etc etc …

So, I’ll revert to a previous recommendation I made with regards to BT;
They’re great so long as the service works and you never have to call them.

In order to get any sort of sanity whatsoever I had to talk to upgrades (in the UK) and ask specifically for a support desk based in the UK. Talking to the default helpdesk (which I’m assuming is in India) is a full-time occupation and a got me nowhere.

Yeah, according to Sky it’s a problem this side of the master socket … they flatly refuse to accept it’s not (probably because 'll cost them something to fix once I prove it isn’t), even though I’ve replaced EVERYTHING this side of the master socket with multiple replacements.

This resulted in them saying … ah, so it must be something I replaced, and won’t go any further until I use a new router sent by them.

She even had me plug in the rj11 cable without it attached to the router to see if that caused the interferance … erm, how could a cable that doesn’t close a circuit be tested from her end ::slight_smile:
She really did make some stupid claims, and make me do some stupid equipment variations … then even tried to tell me the problem didn’t exist because the crackling on the line disappears with just the phone connected … completely ignoring the fact that with both the router and phone connected the phone crackles like hell (and before you say “microfilter”, it’s not … I’ve tested with about 12 of em, and the router still drops out with the phone disconnected)

Seriously, this new router absolutely will NOT solve the issue, it’s a line issue that’s affected by weather, but they will not budge until I test with the new kit in case the router or rj11 cable (I’ve tested with multiple replacements), which means more time I’m without stable internet … something else that pisses me off is you can guarantee the weather outside will be sunny and calm when the new router arrives, so I’ll have wait for the problem to arise again, by which time they’ll probably say it’s equipment again and I’ll have to go through this crap again.
(in fact it’s not as bad today … but it’ll go again as soon as it rains and/or is windy so the cable outside starts moving around … that in itself should tell them where the problem lies ::))


I take it back … it’s dropping out again >:(

I was thinking about upgrading to Sky fibre, but that ideas on hold until this is solved … I gather the last leg still comes over copper, and m convinced the problem probably lies in the overhead cable from the house to the telephone pole … so fibre would still have the same issue until that’s fixed.

::)Cheez ::slight_smile: If you guys have these problems what chance do us lesser mortals have :wink:

Indeed! ???

I am with Talk Talk; usually the speed is ok, well it’s better on my netbook as this laptop needs more RAM, but lately web pages have been taking longer than usual to load up. I think the internet providers are all much of a muchness.
But…they should be like lightning in 2015- not the case a lot of the time.

Hi Mark - sorry to hear of your connection issues and I sympathise - I had exactly the same problems as you a while back albeit with TalkTalk.

I assume Sky uses the standard BT line to your property? My line acted exactly as yours does every time wet weather came along and it was blindingly obvious the fault lay externally - probably a corroded joint… and no amount of begging/pleading could get TT to admit to that. I think the problem lies squarely with BT phone lines - some of which haven’t been changed in donkey’s years! TT (and Sky) have to pass the repair request to BT so now you have 2 intractable companies to deal with! TT had me jumping through all the same hoops to no avail until I finally gave up and went with Virgin.

I know you’re not a fan of the VM Superhub but I can say that I’ve had no issues at all with the signal to my home in over 3 years and VM do use their own network - I believe Sky uses BT Fibre? Food for thought?

Hopefully you’ll get a better outcome than I did! :wink:


Well, don’t get me wrong, the connection works fine … indeed I can’t get a TV signal here, so all my Telly comes off the net … Sky Now, NetFlix and Amazon Prime. All work fine - rarely get any problems at all. However, I’ve started running some services off the end of the line, and the 6-7M upload speed I’m getting doesn’t really cut it … the 20M I could be getting is really what I need … subject to BT getting their arsed in gear and providing a decent fibre-to-the-premises connection …

FINALLY … Sky are sending out an engineer :slight_smile:

This time I managed to get through to someone that actually understood the problem.


And believe me, this engineer aint escaping till it’s fixed >:(

I know you're not a fan of the VM Superhub but I can say that I've had no issues at all with the signal to my home in over 3 years and VM do use their own network - I believe Sky uses BT Fibre? Food for thought?

I’m with you 100% I’ve also had VM for years now and connection wise little or no problems at all, when we started with VM we got the old Motorola Surfboard cable modem which I connected a Belkin wireless router to and it was bullet proof but I can’t say the same for the Superhub


+1 !

We were BT for 40 years, until this summer, when their intractable muppetts would not talk to us about spiraling costs - £35 a month for 3.5Mbs, when just about everyone else would sell us this for £20 !!!

That, and the fact that IMHO, the “customer service” was rubbish, and we moved to Talk Talk.

Big mistake initially, as somehow the switchover caused an external fault. TT’s call centre were useless - ended up joining the online community forum, which got it sorted - took a painful tedious week, but got it sorted.

Having spoken to a few folk about this, it does seem as though, as someone else said above, they are all ok, until the service falls over.

I feel for anyone in this position, especially if they are disabled, as I am, as the “operatives in india” will still have you doing all sorts of swap outs and changes, when you have proved to them, repeatedly, that the fault is external, and thus their contractual responsibility.

I also feel for anyone who givers their time freely to the online community, helping people out of the goodness of their heart, just because they can - anyone who does this is a star, Mark included.

For home broadband we have to deal with the same “customer care” and their stupid scripted responses as anyone else … telling them you do this stuff for a living makes absolutely ZERO difference ::slight_smile:

Haven’t read all the responses here mark but I might be able to point you in the right direction.
We had exactly the same problem when we were with bt and in four years they never fixed it.
We moved to sky and they got it sorted inside a month.
Turned out to be a loose connection in the box(the big green one at the end of the street)
Literally they tightened a screw and that fixed it.
In the preceding month though they even had bt dig up the pavement and replace the cables to the house.
We told sky about this problem before we went to them and they said no problem we’ll get it sorted.

I think the important thing there was:-

We told sky about this problem [b]before we went to them[/b] and they said no problem we'll get it sorted.

Nobody seems interested in CURRENT customer satistaction … I think big business has it all wrong these days. there’s ZERO benefit to being a long term loyal customer any more, in fact they completely ignore you in favour of enticing new customers.


BT engineer turned up yesterday and fixed the disconnection and the severe crackling on the line issues (touch wood) … but the internet is still stupidly slow for some reason :frowning:

I’m right on the verge of telling Sky to go **** themselves and going with someone else with fibre/phone/tv
£52 a month (for 100’s of channels of rubbish), and we don’t even have Sky+ … and internet of about 4Mbps where everyone else round here gets around 12 (non fibre)

We used to have SKY TV then in the winter of 2010 blocks of ice falling off the roof during the thaw ripped out the terrestrial aerial and damaged the satellite to make things worse it was the evening when they were showing a 50th year special episode of Coronation Street and the X Factor final the missus was beside herself

Anyway I suggested to her that I’ll fix the dish then we scrap SKY and go Freesat so she agreed and when she contacted SKY to cancel they managed to talk her into staying by offering her 6 months at half price which she accepted, after that period we canceled and just watched Freesat, that lasted about a month when she decided Freesat was no use because she couldn’t watch Americas Next Top Model so she signed up for VM at about £50 a month then give up watching Americas Next Top Model

There has to be logic there someplace


Read’n’weep … I’m thinking of moving …

Oh joy … thanks for that, I feel much better now >:(

Want a friendly neighbour :wink: